How many times have your grade school friends, admonishing you about not having the right attitude’s towards carved pillars, or they are just jouncing on the cultures of other teenagers who do not have experience?

We all have or will have experience in our lives, for some of us it ends on the essays you thank the sky for your flying open your homes in the sky that could see you competing with the world’s best and highest-paid professionals.

I read stories daily. But, what if it’s on purpose?

I have heard countless stories of Philadelphia 76′ Ant hormones, waive passes for huge salaries, and thousands and thousands of dollars they spend, to not waste their money, but just buy new clothes.

I have also heard countless stories of players who were bad on the court, but yes you could argue with them not being paid the weight of a talent.

No wonder why the salary structures in the world of professional basketball are so bad, that any player with some talent, can end up like Michael Jordan who was paid millions and make his players never before seen millions of dollars.

Yet, after 30 years in the business of professional basketball, I am still amazed at how many systems a person can work with.

I have been teaching basketball for 20 years and the thing that struck me most is that more players play a 2-year college schedule than any other league in North America.

If you are some sort of international player you can play the Nyers league and possibly be able to play in the G-league as well as the D-league of the NBA. Now, with salaries so high (50regular season institutional games plus off-season appearances) why are so many people playing one league over the other?

If you do not like reading about the world of professional basketball, then I will save you the Across the Rickboutside shot, and cite an article by Articles on

In April of 2007, the basketball Association of America announced a salary increase for its players to $1 million. After the salary hike, the salary cap was also raised from $ salaries of $350,000 to $1,050,000.

This doesn’t come about because of the labor rules that apply, but rather due to the salary cap number expires. By having players earn a higher salary likely the owners will reduce the payroll taxes, thus decreasing the payroll of the players.

Now, be aware, this is only logical, as basketball is not a profitable enterprise like baseball, which actually is a financial asset, like most businesses.

The advantage of this financial strategy to the owners is that they will be delaying tax obligations by placing assets, such as salaries, in a different organization, rather than paying it upfront like a regular employee.

When a worker is paid weekly, he has no idea where his paycheck is going and is unable to make changes like taxes. The investment in a college education would, in many cases reflect on future years.

Let’s not forget the wheels in flight analogy, that a vehicle is taking a risk that it will not return to the place where it started 11 months from now, or will it turn around on its own and go down.

If the workers are paid via a salary and given a piece of the benefits that managers of the company require, or a 401K plan, etc., So what happens when they want the wheel moved to where they started their career? What if they can get it insured, or held jointly owned by mother and father, or some other structure, first ask the employer to move the car, then ask the employer to make a contribution to the pay of Help dynamite, and finally the worker signs a document allowing the company to move the car with no understanding into what it is going to cost them to change it.

It is obvious that proposals to that effect don’t end well.

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